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    Eat out of platinum and gold streaked platters, that designer Nishita Thakurdas has brought to the city

    Moving away from her usual shades of crimson, pink, green and blue, Nishita Thakurdasa�� sixth dinnerware collection is in black and white. The Bengaluru-based designer launched her eponymous luxury dinnerware, first in Mumbai in April 2014, then in her city. She now brings us her latest collection titled Devanagiri, rimmed and outlined with 24K gold or platinum, the opulent sets are limited edition as usual. a�?I would like the buyer to feel that they have got something exclusive. They should feel happy and proud when they buy it,a�? says the 35-year-old designer. The new collection will additionally feature coffee mugs, appetiser plates and trays that can be purchased as individual pieces and not as part of the usual 27-piece dinner sets comprising dining plates, side plates, small bowls, serving bowls, platters and napkin rings. a�?The new collection is a homage to ancient, beautiful Indian scripts, which features abstract typographic compositions,a�? Thakurdas says and adds, a�?Another speciality of Devanagiri is that the designs that are framed in 24k gold is microwavable.a�? Though the fine porcelain looks dainty and delicate, she assures that it is sturdy enough for Indian usage.

    goldandbeautifulGold and beautiful

    It is not an easy task to make these.A� Explaining the complex process behind the making of her creations, Thakurdas says, a�?The design is screen-printed onto water slide decals, which is soaked until the design can slide off onto the porcelain. The piece is then fired in a kiln.a�? The process ends with the 24-carat gold being applied by hand. Inspired by her travels, she takes six to eight months to ideate and execute a dinnerware line, and The Lotus at Fatehpur by far would be her favourite, because of its distinct features that include a brief history of Fatehpur city and a synopsis of Mughal era engraved on the side plates. Thakurdas who has ten years of experience in corporate branding, mentions, a�?If you can design a logo, then you can design other things too. You have the knowledge of aesthetics. And you have the idea. At the end of the day, it is idea that is the most important. Execution is only stage two.a�?
    Going Places
    Thakurdas plans to make her dinnerware available for online purchase on her website by early 2016. She also customises, a�?provided it is at least a 300-piece order, just like the one I did for a wedding in Mumbai, in which they chose to engrave peoplea��s names on the plates.a�? Going international, her products are also available at EarthologyA� storesA� at the Emporium and Siam Paragon malls at Bangkok.

    Till August 23. At Chamiers. From Rs 30,000 onwards. Details: 24311496, nishitadesign.com

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