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    This city-based startup offers high-end bikes, cars and choppers on rent


    Are you vying to impress your loved one by surprising them with a chopper ride this Valentinea��s day, or maybe go on a romantic bike ride on a Harley Davidson? Worry not for a Bengaluru-based start-up a��Obio a�� is offering choppers, bikes, luxury cars, electronic appliances, and more on rent.
    The company, located in Sanjaynagar, is founded by four friends from MS Ramaiah College who were earlier in event management. a�?After graduating, we started a company of our own, and would host big-budget weddings, parties and so on. It was then that we came across the demand for renting luxury vehicles. I remember, for a wedding that we planned in Bellary, the groom wanted to come to the venue in a chopper instead of a horse,a�? says 25-year-old co-founder, Hemant Sharma. There was a market, no doubt. But Sharmaa��s team also realised that hiring a chopper is not just expensive but a tedious affair too.
    Hence, they rolled out a platform that makes hiring as simple as it can get. While they have tied up with Air Deccan to rent out choppers, that will cost Rs.65,000 per hour, the team at Obio has invested in high-end bikes, electronic appliances, digital cameras etc with the initial seed funding of `5 crore and promise their clients a first-hand experience.
    They also have furniture, imitation jewellery and even costumes for rent in order to target the college-goers as potential customers. a�?A Harley can be rented for Rs.3,000 with no deposit amount,a�? he adds. The site, and the app which is compatible on both Android and iOS phones, will go live on January 25. Details: obio.in
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