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    An online portal that brings international luxury brands to your finger tips

    For all Indian consumers hooked onto overseas shopping portals, Priya and Charu Sachdev, of multi-brand luxury boutique Kitsch in New Delhi and Mumbai, offer Rocknshop.com. The six-month old portal, an extension of their boutique, boasts over 15 international couture brands like Chloe, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and, for the first time in the country, Marchesa. a�?This is the future of retail and so, the most obvious direction of growth for us,a�? Priya Sachdev tells us.

    buylead4Talking trends
    And what sets them apart, Sachdev points out, is that they are the only Indian enterprise to offer so many high-end luxury brands on a single platform and delivery within 48 hours for tier one cities and three days for all others. a�?When you purchase from us, you dona��t bear the burden of customs duties that you would otherwise pay when buying from foreign portals.a�?

    Check out their editorial section, which inspires the name. a�?Rocknshop is a combination of our magazine section that keeps visitors updated on whata��s a�?rockinga�� the fashion world, and the a�?shopa�� section that allows you to buy what is a�?rockinga��!a�? Sachdev enthuses about the magazine section she heads that offers everything from styling tips to fun tutorials and celebrity trend-spotting. a�?It is like a virtual stylist that will guide you through things like a�?how to wear a bow tiea��, different ways to wear a scarf, or dress for a black tie event,a�? she shares.

    Tempting offers
    With designated sections for men and women, they stock everything from clothes, bags and shoes to wallets, card-holders and even buylead13select home decor (only cushions for now). And their EMI feature allows you to indulge and pay at leisure. a�?Right now, most people use this feature when buying bags because they feel most guilty about splurging on them,a�? Sachdev explains, adding that it is a great boon for the aspirational buyer.

    They even get orders customised, especially for Marchesa gowns and dresses. Sachdev plans to rope in at least three to four more international designers by the fall and already has Gaurav Gupta and Eina Ahluwalia on board. Watch out for their scheduled trunk show road trip across the country with Bangalore and Chennai on the cards.

    Rs. 5,000 upwards. Details: rocknshop.com

    a��Susanna Chandy


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