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A portal that lets you accessorise your car while you chill at home. Sounds too good to be true? Not really

As young men, Arish Sancheti and Shubham Agarwal were ever-enthusiastic about accessorising their rides with high-end car stereos, amplifiers, expensive leather seats, etc. But the task was never easy. One, ita��s time consuming and required several visits to areas such as JC Road and Shivajinagar, which are known as the hubs for automobile spare parts and accessories, and two, the entire effort would be futile if the cars ended up at a garage with inexperienced mechanics. a�?That is when we pondered upon starting something that would tackle this problem. Not only did we want to be a marketplace for car accessories but also realised that the key was in providing service at the customera��s doorstep,a�? Sancheti, 22, explains.
This very thought gave birth to caaryaar.com, an online startup for car accessories. Now you can sit at home or work, buy accessories for your car online, and the product will be fitted by mechanics who will come to your given address. a�?Also, if someone buys from a different e-commerce site but is unable to find a mechanic to fit it, we provide them with the technicians at a certain cost. The fitting service, however, is free for those who buy from our sites,a�? Sancheti says. The idea has clicked with plenty of car users who do not have the time, and request the fitting to be done at their office parking lot or even at their home. a�?Before we launched we even did a study on whether this model will work and we realised that there are several car users, especially the ones who are new to the city, who face this problem,a�? he says. Details: caaryaar.com


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