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    A trio of Mumbai comedians are coming to town with their take on life and relationships.

    he absurdity of our matrimonial ads, the really strange positions in the Kamasutra and what Bollywood passes off as relationshipsa��everything is fodder for the three funnymen from Mumbai-based comedy ensemble, East India Comedy. Promising a lot of laughs in their show, Men are from Bars, the trio talk about their jokes and give their take on some current headline makers.

    Sorabh Pant

    The dramatic and spontaneous Pant describes the show as cringe-worthy and dirty. Unabashedly so. a�?Which is why it surprised me when it did so well in Gujarat recently,a�? says the 34-year-old. The show debuts in Chennai after performing to full houses in Bengaluru, Pune and Mumbai. He explains that Men are from Bars is about the three mena��s perceptions about relationships. There is also a bonus track, where the trio take on Bollywood and trace how its take on relationships are skewed towards the stupid.
    Priyanka Chopra in Hollywood: Ia��m fascinated by her. Her accent is quite astounding in Quantico. But how has she changed the rules for actors in Bollywood? Irrfan Khan has been doing itA� for eight years. And she gets the credit because he doesna��t look as good in a gown?

    pg18-1Atul Khatri

    CEO by day and a standup comic otherwise, 48-year-old Khatri hopes to bring his age and experience to the table. a�?Ia��ve been married for over two decades and have two teenage daughters. And Ia��m a Sindhi married to a Punjabi, so expect some jokes on all of that,a�? he says. The personal nature of his materiala��which the audience finds earthy and relatablea��is what makes him tick, says the comic. Like when he explains in detail what it takes to survive 22 years in a marriage.
    Vijay Mallya fleeing the country: What he did to his employees is wrong, but the banks deserve it. When you or I go to a bank for a loan, they ask you for your kidney and a child as collateral. And here, they gave him a huge loan with only a 10 per cent security deposita��simply because they were happy getting a Kingfisher calendar every year.

    pg18-2Angad Singh Ranyal
    It may seem like Ranyal has thrown the spanner in the works by getting married too quickly. He, after all, was handling the plight of the single folk in the relationship-special show. a�?My act is still about single and engaged folk, although Ia��m contemplating adding a few bits about being just married,a�? says the 28-year-old who got married two months ago. a�?My act also includes issues girls face with guys,a�? adds the comic, who quit his corporate job last year to pursue standup full time. a�?Ia��ll also talk about dated things in relationships. Like boys complaining about getting bored when shopping with their girlfriends. Today, you get bored only when therea��s no 3G,a�? he laughs.
    Virat Kohli and Anushka getting back: Absolutely not! We need more love stories. Therea��s masala only when they date different people.
    March 26, from 8 pm, at Hyatt Regency. Rs 5,000 (including food and drinks). Details: 61001234

    a��Sharadha Narayanan


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