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    Taking charge
    Pugazh spotlights the tussle between sports and politics. The film, starring Jai and Surabhi, is about how a politician tries to grab a playground and of how some of the regulars there try to prevent it. The film is directed by Manimaran, who had earlier helmed the road-thriller, NH4. Jai has had more flops than hits to his credit. Hopefully, this film (releasing today) will be a career booster.

    pg20-4The bare truth
    With four documentaries to his credit, Bharathi Krishnakumar (a former associate of filmmaker Bharathiraja) debuts with the feature film, Yenru Thaniyum. The film (releasing today) has debutant Yuvan Mayilsamy, son of comedian Mayilsamy, as the hero. a�?The distress caused by the spate of honour killings drove me to make this film,a�? says Krishnakumar. Ask him about the claim that no makeup or artificial lighting have been used, and he states, a�?I did not want any artificiality in my storytelling. Does truth need any embellishment?a�?

    pg20-5One for Kalam
    He has a doctorate in human resource management, has authored books and is a media consultant. So ita��s not surprising that Srirama��s first feature, Aagam, revolves around the depletion of human resources in our country. a�?Our top talents are migrating to foreign countries, developing their economies. This leads to brain-drain and job related scams here,a�? he says. There is no blame-game, though, and a solution has been offered, adds the director. He has dedicated the Irfan-Deekshitha starrer (releasing today) to the late Dr Abdul Kalam,
    with a special song in his honour.



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