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    First cut
    Hea��s been working as an assistant director for 18 years. Now Vasanthmani has got his break as an independent director, in Vetrivel. Ask him about it and he says, a�?Yes, ita��s been a long journey and finally Ia��m earning the fruits of my toil.a�? The film (scheduled to release today) has Sashikumar and Mia George in the lead. Set in a rural milieu, Sashikumar plays a man who gets into trouble while helping his younger sibling in his love affair. The debutant director labels it as a a�?total family entertainer with humour and
    a little actiona�?.

    MM-Snip2aAfter the wait
    After its release got postponed due to lack of cinema halls, Ennul Aayiram is set to hit screens this weekend. The debut acting venture of Maha, the film is produced by his father, the versatile actor Delhi Ganesh, who has established his credentials on TV, the big screen and theatre. Aware of his pedigree, Maha had mentioned in an earlier chat that his biggest challenge would be a�?to make his father prouda�?. The film, a romantic-crime thriller, is directed by debutant Krishnakumar.





    Set to thrill
    This weekend promises a treat for lovers of the comic-horror genre. Oru Nodiyil, directed by MA Choudhry, with Srushti Dange and Madan in the lead, is said to be inspired by a true incident in Gujarat. a�?Ita��s a film that touches on a social issue,a�? says Choudhry. The supernatural thriller includes human sacrifices, an evil force trying to establish its power, an investigating journalist and the spirit of a wronged girl bent on vendetta. Seems like an ideal cocktail to scare.


    Malini Mannath


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