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    One for the team
    The sequel to Chennai-28 has just completed a shoot schedule at Thenkasi. And the cast has a couple of additions. Like Anjena Kirti, who was the sole female lead in the recently-released Jumbulingam-3D. The actressa�� career graph seems to be on a steady rise. Ask her about her experience with the Venkat Prabhu team and she says, a�?Since there are so many artistes, and all of them areA�easy going and fun loving, it was a lot of fun working with them.a�? Kirti is paired with
    Vijay Vasanth in the film.

    Forging bondsA�MIMSnip1
    a�?My films, whether Komban or Kuttipuli, have explored relationships. This time ita��s the grandson-grandma bonding that Ia��ve focussed on,a�? says Muthaiah, of his film Marudhu. Apart from the Vishal-Sridivya pairing, the film (set to release today) has Soori to add the fun element. The director says the plot, which is high on the emotional quotient, has action and humour woven into it, too, and will be a total family entertainer.

    Small wonderA�MIMSnip3
    He was a participant in the short film TV reality show, Naalaya Iyakunar. Now Kalyan is making his debut in the long format, with Kadha Solla Porom. a�?The plot depicts the conflict between the orphans of a shelter home and a group of rich kids,a�? he says. Apart from known faces in the supporting cast, he has introduced a dozen child actors. Kalyan calls the film (set to release today) a�?a light, breezy entertainera�?. Childrena��s films being a rarity on screen, this one is a welcome addition to Pasanga and Goli Soda.

    Malini Mannath



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