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    His passion for films brought IT professional, Vijay Kumar, back from the US. A participant in the short film TV reality show, Naalaya Iyakunar, Kumar is now debuting on the big screen with Uriyadi (releasing today). a�?It is an intense action thriller,a�? says the writer-director-actor, adding that the three-track script interlinks campus life, politics and anti-social elements. a�?I havena��t taken the audience for granted and there will be no preaching,a�? he adds.

    Back with a bangA�img3
    The release of Idhu Namma Aalu had been stalled innumerable times in the past. But it seems the film is finally set to hit theatres. a�?Yes, its release is confirmed for today,a�? assures director Pandiraj. a�?Ita��s 50 per cent romance and 50 per cent comedy. Lovers will relate to it and for non-lovers, it will be an experience they wished they had,a�? he adds. While Nayanthara co-stars with Simbu, his brother, Kuralarasan, is debuting as a music director.

    Balancing actA�Vidhi-Madhi-Ultaa-Movie-Stills-2
    The shoot of Vidhi-Madhi Ulta has wrapped up. Rameez Raja, one of the protagonists of Darling-2, is the producer and plays the lead, too. a�?Ita��s a time-travel thriller, with comic elements woven in,a�? he says. Raja says that there is just one song remaining to be shot and they are planning an August release. Ask him which he found tougher, acting or production, and pat comes the reply, a�?As an actor it is difficult, but as a producer it is harder still!a�?

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