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    Road not taken
    His dream to play a historical-fantasy character was fulfilled by playing Kattappa in Baahubali. Now Sathyaraj is exploring a role hea��s never done beforea��that of a ghost, in the horror-comedy Jackson Durai (releasing today), where he shares frames with son Sibi. On his role, Sathyaraj says, a�?There is no definite grammar for a ghost-themed film and there is no reference point one can draw from real life either. So we get the freedom to depict it our way.a�? With the actora��s penchant for getting his teeth into any role, essaying this one should be a cakewalk for him.

    Shifting gears
    Partly a road trip, Onbadhilirundhu Pathuvarai segues into aA�thriller in the second half. The directorial debut of Vijay Shanmughavel, who has scripted films in various languages, it has Kathir and Malayali actress Swapna Menon in the lead.
    a�?The heroine is an RJ and the hero, a cab driver, who falls for her voice,a�? informs the director. He adds that the film (releasing today) includes romance, murder, suspense and thrills, and that hehas given it a a�?a�?breezy and light hearted treatmenta��a��.

    Money monster
    a�?My film centres on the life of rag pickers and the repercussions on their lives when harassed by some rowdy elements,a�? says director Abdul Majid on Paisa, which hits theatres today. Majid assures that the locations and narrative style will lend a realistic feel. He adds that the film will also convey a relevant messagea��that while money is important in life, it should not be only about it. Paisa stars Sreeram (of Pasanga, Golisoda fame) and Aara in the lead.

    Malini Mannath


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