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    Ghost busters
    Dhilluku Duddu, another horror-comedy, is scheduled to release this weekend. Santhanama��who has been a part of quite a few films in this genrea��is playing the lead this time. Reportedly a spoof on horror flicks, the actor, who plays a ghost hunter, will be doing a lot of fight sequences and dances. The film marks the directorial debut of Rambala, whoa��d penned scripts for Santhanam during their Lollu Sabha days, on a private TV channel.

    Original take
    a�?Ita��s a crime thriller, with the second half of the plot confined to a bungalow,a�? says debutant Majid Abu of his directorial, Pudhusa Naan Porandhen. Abu had earlier directed a film in Malayalam. Biyon (a former child actor in Malayalam films) and Kalyani Nair play the lead, with the late Kalabhavan Mani essaying the role of a cop. The presence of quite a few Malayalam actors suggests the film could be a remake. But Abu denies it, saying, a�?Ita��s neither a remake or a dubbed version. Ita��s an original Tamil film.a�? It is scheduled to release this month.

    Going solo
    Having apprenticed with director Bala, Sundara Elangovan is going independent with Ardhanaari (set to release today), an action-murder mystery. a�?The crux of the plot is how a woman cop, who goes by the book, and the hero, who has an unorthodox method of securing justice, join hands to solve the crime,a�? says Elangovan. With Arundhati playing the cop, Ramkumara��who has acted in various commercialsa��debuts as the hero.

    Malini Mannath


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