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    Shining bright
    Kabali may have got its share of flak. But Dhanshika is elated by the praise that has been coming her way for her portrayal of the assassin. Initially apprehensive, she signed up after she was charmed by Rajinikantha��s a�?humility and no-tantruma�� attitude. Dhanshika is currently shooting in Malaysia for Rani. a�?Set in Malaysia, it has a woman-centric theme and you get to traverse the whole plot through my character,a�? she says. Talented and with a striking screen presence, the actress seems to be finally getting her due.

    Charm of 13
    The number 13 may be considered unlucky by many. But director Pugalmani seems to have an affinity for it. The director, whose earlier film was titled 13am Pakkam Parkka, has gone a step further and titled his new venture Vellikizhamai 13am Thethi. a�?My first film with a 13 in it earned me praise. So I thought Ia��ll continue with the number,a�? he says. Incidentally, while the earlier one was a pure horror flick, this is horror blended with comedy.

    Selfie frenzy
    Sandikuthirai is wrapped up and ready to release. Debut director Anbumathi who has been associated with the small screen, has penned innumerable short stories and directed commercials. The director says that his is a contemporary theme, a�?a take on the younger generationa��s obsession with the mobile phone, particularly their act of capturing themselves on selfies.a�? Rajkamal, a popular face on television, plays the lead.

    Malini Mannath


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