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    Changing track
    a�?My film will take Rajendran to a different level,a�? says debutant director Karuppiah Murugan. The bald-pated actor with his dark, wiry frame, whose sheer screen presence is enough to evoke laughter, plays the lead in Karuppiaha��s Yaanai Mel Kudhirai Sawari. a�?Ita��s about how a team takes on what seems like an impossible task and achieves their goal,a�? says the former assistant to Bhagyaraj, adding that the film (releasing today) will be a laugh riot with an emotional quotient.

    Inside story
    a�?The conflict between good and evil in onea��s mind and the resultant confusion inspired me to plot Nambiar,a�? says director Ganeshaa. He adds that the film (releasing today) will be a a�?comic take on the themea�?. The protagonist, played by Shrikanth, aspires to be a collector. But when his every move ends in failure, he traces the reason to the inadequacies of his own mind. How he overcomes it forms the rest of the story. Sharing frames with Shrikanth are Sunaina and Santhanam.

    Strong point
    Dharmadurai marks the return of the Vijay Sethupathi-Seenu Ramasamy team, of the award-winning Thenmerku Paruvakaatru. The latter had Sethupathi in his first lead role while he was doing minor roles in various films. a�?This film will be a landmark in my career,a�? said Sethupathi at an event, even as he gratefully acknowledged with gratitude the directora��s contribution in shaping his career. The film is also the first time the actor is teaming up with Tamannaah.

    Malini Mannath


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