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    Hope at last
    Good times are here for director Venkatesh Kumar. After struggling earlier to release his offbeat film Unakkul Naan, he has managed to find takers for the film in pockets abroad. The 35-year-old has also revived the shoot of Neelam, a film set against the backdrop of the Sri Lankan ethnic strife. a�?It would have been my first film. But we had to drop it after receiving threat calls and when the expensive sets we put up were broken by miscreants,a�? says Kumar.

    Exchange factor
    It is quid pro quo between director Manikandan and editor-director Anucharan. The Kaaka Muttai director had co-written the script for Anucharana��s award winning debut film Kirumi. The latter has now done the editing for Manikandana��s suspense thriller Kuttrame Dhandanai which releases today. The movie, actor Vidhartha��s home production, will see him sharing screen space with Aishwarya Rajesh and Pooja Devariya. The film could well be a game changer. for the Myna actor.

    In familiar waters
    One of the few actors with regular releases, actor-director-producer Sashikumar likesA� to work with debutants and chooses roles that fall within his comfort zone. Kidaari, directed by debutant Prasad Murugesan, has him playing the titular role of a gutsy headstrong villager. a�?The plot is laced with sentiment, romance and humour. But it will be more action-oriented like Subramaniapuram,a�?
    he says. The movie releases today.

    Malini Mannath


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