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    To the rescue
    Releasing a small film helmed by a debutant, with no big names, can be a tough proposition. So it was a godsend for the makers of Oruthal, when hero Jai Akash stepped in and took up the onus of releasing the film. a�?I happened to meet the team and heard about their plight. When I saw the film, I was impressed by its freshness and novelty. So I took it up for release,a�? says Akash. The film is set to hit theatres shortly.

    Silent debut
    Beginning his career as a child artiste, Biyon has acted in about 40 films in Malayalam and one in Tamil (Thenkasipattinam). But his debut in Tamil as a hero, in last weeka��s release Pudhusa Naan Porandhen, seems to have gone largely unnoticed. a�?It has not had a big response at theatres due to lack of promotion and publicity,a�? he admits candidly. But not to fret, for Biyon has some Malayalam films on the floors, including a prestigious Indo-British project.
    a�?If I get another suitable script in Tamil, I will surely take it up,a�? he adds.

    Thrills and screams
    Sadhuram 2 is all set to hit theatres this weekend. Touted to be a thriller, the crowdfunded movie is directed by debutant Sumanth Radhakrishnan, with Yog Japee, Kaushik, Riaz and Sanam Shetty in the cast. a�?Ita��s differently scripted, with an ambiguous beginning and end, but it wona��t be confusing,a�? says the filma��s cinematographer Sathish, whose repertoire includes quite a few horror films and 3D flicks. Though inspired by the thriller Saw, one can expect the violence to be toned down here.

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