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    Double whammy
    Actor-turned-director Kaushik is exciteda��his directorial debut, Adiyum Andamum, releases today and his second venture, Pani Vizhum Nilavu, hits theaters next Friday. a�?Ia��m overwhelmed that my films are having back-to-back releases,a�? he says, explaining that his first film is a psychological thriller and the second, a romantic saga. A popular TV actor, Kaushik earlier played the lead in the film, Thoovaanam.

    Childa��s play
    Director Ashokan, who apprenticed with Murugadoss, is busy with the shoot of Kamban Kazhagama��a film about a 10-year-old boy who changes the lives of five youngsters. Pasanga Kishore, the child artiste who gave sterling performances in Pasanga and Goli Soda, plays the lead.

    Meanwhile, Ajaya��the hero and co-producer of Adiyum Andamuma��is keeping his fingers crossed. The actor, who has a couple of Hindi and Tamil films under his belt, is best known for his role of Adhi in the TV serial Kolangal. a�?When Kaushik narrated the plot to me, it instantly struck a chord. Ita��s turned out beyond our imagination,a�? he says. Perhaps this stint on the big screen will establish him as a star.

    -Malini Mannath


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