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    Red dreams
    Naan Sigappu Manithan, Vishal’s co-production with UTV, releases today. The film, which reportedly centres on a character suffering from a sleep-related disorder—has Vishal and Lakshmi Menon in the lead (their second film after Pandiya Nadu). Incidentally, it is also Vishal and director Thiru’s second outing, after their suspense thriller Samar.

    Digital start
    On April 14, the AVM banner, which has over 175 films to its credit, is all set to launch a Tamil feature film on YouTube. Titled Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum, the 55-minute film is directed by debutant duo Anil Krishnan and Srihari Prabhaharan. Starring Shivaji Dev and Shilpa Bhatt, it’s about finding that ray of light amidst a cloud of gloom and depression.

    Shared space
    Anaswara—the heroine in Ego and one of the leads in Vallinam—is now sharing frames with Rupa Manjari and Oviya in Yamiruka Bayame. But the actress is unfazed. “We’ve each got our own space. My role is a pleasant one,” she says. The comic-horror flick is the debut directorial venture of Deekay, who used to assist K V Anand.

    Malini Mannath


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