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    Road to recovery
    Faizala��s road accident some weeks ago had left his father, actor-director Nasser, andA�the family in deep shock. But now there are positive signsA�and a sense of relief. Faizal,A�who was in critical condition,A�is showing signs of recovery. a�?Hea��s recovering steadily…by the grace of the AlmightyA�and the prayers of all hisA�well-wishers,a�? said an obviously-relieved Nasser.

    Sunny stamp
    The Subramaniapuram pair, Jai and Swati, are back again in Vada Curry, which is scheduled to release today. While Jaia��s career has been on a steady rise with films like Raja Rani, Swati has appeared in just a couple of films after her debut. Touted as a comic-thriller, one of the highlights of the film directed by Saravana Rajana��a former associate of Venkat Prabhua��is the sensuous dance number shot on Sunny Leone.

    Luck be a lady
    For Akhil, the 2007 film, Kallooria��with Shankar as producer, Balaji Shaktivel as director and Tamannah as co-stara��was an enviable debut vehicle. However, his subsequent films didna��t further his career. Now the actor is keeping his fingers crossed as his new film, Dhanush 5-am Vaguppu (Dhanush Vth Std), releases today. In the flick directed by Kathaga Thirumalavan, Akhil plays a thief whose life takes a turn after he steals a school boya��s lucky charm.

    Malini Mannath


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