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    mad2Up for change
    With his action thriller Salim just released, Vijay Antony has moved on to completing his next venture, Indiya Pakistan. Antonya��s first independent production, the film has wrapped up its talkie portions. a�?a�?Wea��re planning to shoot a song in Ladakh,a��a�� says Antony. a�?a�?It will be a genre different from Naan and Salim, and youa��ll be seeing a different Antony in the film,a��a�� assures the actor-composer.



    mad3Rewind to love
    After acting in a few Malayalam films, Mia George debuts on
    the Tamil screen with Amara Kaaviyam. The actress plays a
    12th grade student in the film, which is set to hit theatres today. Produced by actor Arya, it has his younger brother Sathya playing the lead. Directed by Jeeva Shankar (of Naan fame), A�ita��s slated as a romantic saga set in the 1980s.



    mad1Ready for impact
    Hea��s acted in Sindhu Samaveli with Amala Paul and done a couple of other films too. But Harish Kalyan is yet to get a strong foothold in films. In Poriyalan, he plays a youngster caught in a crisis, and hopefully this will change his fortune. Produced by director Vetrimaran, it has Thanukumar, his former associate, helming it. The script is penned by director Manimaran (of Udhayam NH4 fame), yet another protege
    of Vetrimarana��s. It seems like an exciting team up and the movie is set to release today.


    Malini Mannath


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