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    Revisiting Karnan
    Producer Suresh Balaji says that re-mastering old classics, and working on colour and new sound is expensive. a�?But the impact is greater and the visual feel is much better. Karnan did really well in its tweaked release. In the US, this is big business. Old classics are retouched and marketed, but more for TV and videos than for a theatrical release. I really cana��t think of any present day films Ia��d feel like revisiting after a decade,a�? he adds.

    Welcome back
    According to film chronicler, Film News Anand, reviving a film with new sound and colour correction is a costly affair. But it enhances the entertainment value and lets the younger generation enjoy it, too. a�?Karnana��s new version had a longer run than its earlier one. Aayirathil Oruvana��s re-issue ran for 200 days. Sivajia��s Deivamagan is being re-touched, too. But not all restored versions are successful. Paasa Malar was not as successful as the original,a�? explains Anand.

    Celebrate Rajini, Kamal
    Director-actor-producer Thiagarajan says old films have sound plots and ita��s good to re-present them with modern technology, thus bringing aA�new luster to them. a�?I cana��t think of any recent films that I would like to represent after a decade. But yes, I would like a Rajini-Kamal combination-film to be retouched and re-released. Also films like Sigappu Rojakkal and Alaigal Oyvadhillai,a�? he says.

    – Malini Mannath


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