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    Ganesh Venkatraman is excited about his new film Achaaram. a�?It is a role more challenging than my earlier ones and it will keep the audience guessing as to whether Ia��m good or bad,a�? he says. A dark psychological thriller directed by debutant Mohan Krishna, it has Munna and Poonam Kaur in the cast too.

    Lucky break
    A National Award winner and screened at various national and international film festivals, Kuttram Kadithal hits theatres soon. Starring newbies, the film is directed by debutant Bramma, a documentary and short filmmaker. Says the director about his much acclaimed film, a�?I sincerely scripted it with the common audience in mind. But In the process, it went on to earn awards.a�?

    madeinmadras3That 70s show
    There is a treat awaiting Vadivelu fans. The actora��sA�Eli, directed by Yuvaraj Dayalan is, all set to hit theatres this Friday. Ita��s the duoa��s second teaming after Thenaliraman and marksA�Sadhaa��s return to Tamil screen after a long hiatus. Set in the 1970s, the spy-comedy is said to feature the lead pair reliving the popular Hindi song, Mere Sapno Ki Rania��

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