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    New innings
    His earlier release may have been a debacle, but Kamal Haasan has Papanasam to look forward to. Hitting theatres today, the film has Haasan and Gautami reprising the roles essayed by Mohanlal and Meena in the Malayalam hit, Drishyam. a�?We havena��t diverted from the original screenplay in its essentials. And Kamal gets to speak the Tirunelveli dialect for the first time,a�? says Suresh Balaji, the co-producer.

    Keeping it real
    Sarathy has his fingers crossed. The actora��s maiden venture,A� Paranjothi, a rural love saga, is all set to hit theatres today. Having trained in acting at Koothu-P-Pattarai, the Tamil theatre group, he says, a�?It gave me a lot of confidence and I could face the camera without fear. I also related to the script, as many of the events depicted have happened in my life, too.a�?

    Show us the funny
    a�?I thought she was a very serious person. But I was amazed by her sense of humour.a�? That is actor Viveka��s take on veteran actress Sheela, who is returning to the Tamil screen after a long sabbatical. The duo, with Sonia Agarwal, shares the screen in Palakkaattu Madhavan (releasing today). Vivek calls the film a a�?hilarious family entertainer with a messagea�?.

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