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    Phase two
    The maker of Naan Ee is back with a historical-fantasy saga. Director Rajamoulia��s Baahubali, a bilingual (Tamil/Telugu), has Prabhas, Rana, Satyaraj, Anushka and TamannahA�sharing frames.A� a�?For me, ita��s like a re-launch. Ita��s a new look and a totally new scope in terms of character,a�? says Tamannah, adding, a�?Ia��m excitedly waiting for the audience reaction.a�? The film (releasing today)A�promises to be a visual spectacle with emotion and drama woven in.

    On record
    A couple in love strike a suicide pact, and ensure that their statement and death are captured on their mobile phones. a�?Ita��s a beginning thata��s not been seen on theTamil screen,a�? says director SN Ariraman. His film Meenakshi Kadhalan ElangovanA�(releasing today), is a touching rustic love story that raises many relevant questions, the director adds.

    Hero worship
    a�?This is a story about a youngster who is fascinated by the lifestyle of rowdies, for theya��reA� his realA�heroes. Ita��s also about how his attitude affects a girla��s life,a�? says debut director Santhosh Gopal about Ore Oru Raja Mokkaraja, which is releasing today. With freshers Sanjiv Murali and Sriraksha in the lead,
    the film is a bilingual and will be released in Malayalam, too.

    Malini Mannath


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