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    Notes for Tanjore
    a�?It always gives you a good feel when you are part of Bala sira��s project,a�? gushes Atharva. After acting in the off-beat Paradesi which was directed and produced by Bala, the actor plays the lead in Sandi Veeran, a Bala-production. Directed by Sargunam, the film (releasing today), has Anandi and Lal sharing frames with Atharva. The actor calls the romantic-action flick set in Tanjore, a a�?total entertainera��.

    When Script Rules
    a�?The story is the hero of my film and I have cast little known actors and fresh faces in it,a�? says director G Krishnan about his film Kurangu Kaila Poo Maalai (releasing today). a�?The plot revolves around a simple innocent girl who falls prey to the actions ofA� a few men,a�? he adds. The cast includes Saravana Subbaiya in the lead as the cop, Vel Murugan and Shanthini (of Goli Soda).

    malini2Spirited connect
    He seems a favourite of makers when it comes to essaying roles of saints and reformers. Thalaivasal Vijay had won the Kerala State award for his portrayal of reformer Narayana Guru in the Malayalam Yugapurushan. Vijay now essays Shirdi Sai Baba in the Tamil film Apoorva Mahan. a�?Initially I was skeptical about whether I could capture the essence, mannerisms and body language of Baba, as there is very little reference material,a�? admits Vijay. The film revolving around Babaa��s miracles and directed by Manimuthu, is scheduled to release later this month.

    Malini Mannath


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