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    the-good-sideThe goodA� side

    a�?I hope this film will get me back on track,a�? says Narein, of his film Kathukutti, directed by debutant Era Saravavan. The hero explains thatA� his sabbatical from Tamil screen was because all the roles that had come his way had negative shades. a�?I was waiting for a script that would excite me. Meanwhile, I acted in a handful of Malayalam films,a�? he says. Kathukutty, which Narein labels as a a�?fun-filled entertainer with a messagea��, is tentatively scheduled for September.



    cabbie's-complexCabbiea��s complex

    Vijay Vasanth has his fingers crossed. For, after his fairly successful Ennamo Nadakkudhu, his new film Jigina is set to hit theatres today. Directed by Ravi Nanda Periyasamy, the actor is paired with Sanya Thara. a�?I play a call-taxi driver who has a complex about hisA� looks. It is about how his friends try to motivate him and find a date for him,a�? he says. The love story also touches on the pros and cons of social networking sites.


    upandaboutUp and about

    Parthiban is all set to begin his new directorial venture next month. The reason for the one-year gap? a�?I waited a whole six months, believing a producer who had given me a cheque for Rs 1 crore. But it bounced and my time was wasted,a�? he explains. That film was to be a sequel to his acclaimed Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam, but now Parthiban is penning a new story. Meanwhile, releasing today is Perarasu-directed bilingual (Tamil-Malayalam) Tihar. a�?I have a guest role in it, but it is crucial to the plot,a�? he says.

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