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    Date with horror
    There is yet another horror film in the offing this weekend. Unakkenna Venum Sollu (released yesterday) is directed by debutant Srinath Ramalingam. The directora��who earlier made short films, TV serials and a few independent Hollywood filmsa��says, a�?Audiences may be enamoured by star-studded films. But ultimately, ita��s the content that draws them to theatres.a�? He has cast newcomers in his venture and claims he has complete faith in his script. a�?There is spine-chilling horror and a strong emotional quotient, which will connect with the audience,a�? he assures.

    One for the people
    After directing short films and documentaries on an international arena, director Bramma debuts on the Tamil screen with Kutram Kadithal. The crime thriller starring fresh faces was screened at various national and international festivals, and won Best Tamil Film at last yeara��s Chennai International Film Festival. Now ita��s time to test its viability at the box office. a�?I scripted it keeping the audience in mind, and the impact it would have on a common viewer. Awards came along the way,a�? Bramma admits.

    Keeping it real
    Interestingly, three films that released yesterday are by debutants with international experience, mainly in the short-film genre. The third in the list is Anucharan, who has directed short films in Australia, and is now debuting with Kirumi. a�?My film is a realistic drama, with an element of thrill in it,a�? he says. Kathir (of Madhayaanai Koottam fame) and Reshmi Menon, who starred in the recently-released Maya, share the lead. Incidentally, the film is all set for an international premiere at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film festival in November.


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