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    No expectations
    Director Chimbudevan is not entirely new to the mythological-fantasy genre. But Pulia��s canvas is much larger and the cast, top-of- the-block actors. Ita��s Vijaya��s first mythological-fantasy. With Shruti Haasan and Hansika sharing frames, it marks Sridevia��s return to the Tamil screen after a long hiatus. Naturally, all this has generated a lot of hype around the film (released yesterday). But Chimbudevan cautions, a�?Please dona��t come with any preconceived notions and expectations. And the film wona��t disappoint you and will give you more enjoyment and satisfaction.a�?

    20.1Friend in love
    With debutant director Pon Manikandan at the helm and a lot of newbies in the cast, Ennai Piriyathe hits theatres today. It is about a youngster loved by two girls, one of them his best friend. How he extricates himself from the web of deceit woven around him by the friend forms the crux of the plot. The director says, a�?My film centres on friendship and love, and ita��s about which of these has a stronger impact on a persona��s life.a�?

    20.2Stint at comedy
    After a sabbatical from Tamil cinema, Narein returns with Kathukutti (releasing shortly). In a rural setting, the film is directed by debutant Era Saravanan. Romantically paired with the dimpled Srushti Dange, Narein plays a man of the soil who would go to any length to protect his land. a�?Ia��ve tried my hand at comedy for
    the first time. The film is a fun-filled entertainer, but packed with a message,a�? he says.

    Malini Mannath


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