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    a�?Most of our Indian films are a mixture of various genres. My film Masala Padam is a light-hearted take on what this a�?masalaa�� genre is,a�? says Lakshman. Donning the directora��s hat now, he was the cinematographer for Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu. The film
    (releasing today) stars Shiva, Bobby Simha and Gaurav. Lakshmi Devi, who essays the female lead, is the filma��s script writer too. A satirical take on our films, it should be an interesting watch.

    startrekmimsnip2One for the team
    Arjun Vijayaraghavana��s third release, Andhadhi, is set to hit theatres today, and the actor has his fingers crossed. This might well boost his career. a�?It was one-of-a-kind of experience for me. The director was very flexible, giving space to the actors, and ita��s a perfect example of what good team work can deliver,a�? he says. The cast includes Bhargav, Karthik Nagarajan and Anjana Keerthi. Incidentally, debutant director Ramesh Venkatraman is an alumnus of Rajeev Menona��s Mind Screen Institute.



    startrekmimsnip3The all-rounder
    Mansur Ali Khan is relieved. He has wrapped up his new film, Adhiradi, and it is set to hit theatres next week. Khan has acted in, produced, scripted, penned the lyrics, and composed the music for the film. Directed by Balu Anand, Khan essays the role of a martial arts trainer whoa��s chosen to play the hero in a film. Ita��s about how he completes the film despite several hurdles. a�?Ita��s an action comedy with a theme relevant to the times,a�? says Khan.


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