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    Within two rooms
    a�?Many of the main technicians of the film are students who are still pursuing their studies at various colleges,a�? says artist-painter Shreethar, the producer of Maiem. Helming the film is Aditya Baskaran, an engineering student. The plota��which has a blend of humour, suspense and thrilla��is set in two rooms: an ATM and a security room. a�?We had a special red carpet show for students and the tremendous response from them was heartening,a�? adds the producer.

    Code red
    Films revolving around the Sri Lankan civil war have hit theatres at regular intervals. The latest is Sivappu with Navin Chandra, Rupa Manjari and Rajkiran. How is it different from the earlier ones, we ask director Satyasiva (of Kazhugu fame). He says, a�?They usually depicted the atrocities perpetrated by the army and the plight of the Tamils. But my film goes a step further. It conveys the despair of the refugees who find their hopes not quite fulfilled.a�? It also touches upon the political angle, he adds.

    Fear scape
    A weekend without a ghost story hitting the big screen? Not possible. Todaya��s release is Marapaachi, with debutant director KS Muthu Manoharan assuring that it will be a spine-chilling experience. Major Vasant plays the lead, sharing frames with debutant Nisha, a tree and a doll. a�?The plot revolves around a haunted tree that witnesses a murder and goes on a vendetta spree. However, a doll will be the highlight of the film,a�? says Manoharan.

    Malini Mannath


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