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    Fighting chance
    Shanmuga Pandian may not have been lucky the first time—his debut heroic venture in Sagaptham in 2013, sank without a trace, despite it being a home production and a supposedly well-thought-out launch vehicle—but the Captain’s son does not have much to worry about. His home production is all geared to launch his second film. Pandian, while inhibited in his expressions, had put up a good show in the fight scenes in Sagaptham. Hopefully, the makers will keep this in mind while crafting his second venture.

    Another look
    Tamil films are remade from Malayalam hits at regular intervals. Like Oru Naal Iravil (adapted from Shutter) which releases today. Editor Antony’s debut directorial is about a family man caught up in an unexpected situation of his own making. Mohanlal played the role with intuitive understanding in the original. It will be interesting to watch how Sathyaraj interprets it. “This is genuinely a novel theme,” says the actor. Ask Antony if he’s deviated from the original and he says, “I’ve made slight changes and there is a kuthu number, too, that won’t be out of place.”

    Into the woods
    ‘Discover the Heaven’ is the tagline of Aaranyam. And Aaha Oho is the name of the production house that launched the film. Directed by debutant Kuberji, it has fresher Ram (the film’s co-producer) and Neeraja in the lead. The film, which is releasing today, is a love story set against the backdrop of a forest. The director claims the shoot was completed in 60 days and the locations spanned from the forests of Chaalakudi to Thailand. With no big names in the cast or technical crew to boast of, the film could well spring a surprise for viewers.

    Malini Mannath


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