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    Tale of 10
    A 50-year-old feud between two villagesa��where section 144 of the constitution has been imposeda��forms the crux of the plot in 144. a�?Ita��s also about 10 characters, each focussed on their own goals, and how their lives converge at a point,a�? informs debutant director Manikandan G. The film that released today, has Mirchi Shiva, Ashok Selvan, Oviya and Shruti Ramakrishnan in the cast. The thriller, with a generous dose of humour,
    seems like an ideal
    family entertainer.

    Simran is back
    Having directed a couple of Kannada films, JKS (aka Jagdeesh) debuts on the Tamil screen with Karai Oram. The trilingual (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu) that released today, is a romantic thriller set in a beach house. The cast includes Nikesha Patel, Iniya and Simran, the latter essaying the role of a cop. Heaping praise on Simrana��s dedication, JKS recalls, a�?There was a difficult fight scene at the end. But Simran performed it admirably, refusing to use a double.a�? It seems like the actress is back in form for her second innings.

    Notes from a journey
    Nandita is excited about her weekend release, Uppu Karuvadu. a�?I was thrilled when I was approached for the film. Ia��ve always wanted to work with director Radha Mohan who gives women substantial roles,a�? says the actress. The film chronicles the journey of two people, the other played by actor Karunakaran. Nandita sports two different looksa��one is childish and stubborn, while the other is poised and mature. Nandita calls the experience a a�?beautiful journey from beginning to the end.a�?


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