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    Solo success
    Simha-starrer Urumeen was the only film to hit theatres as per schedule last Friday. Ask debut director Sakthivel Perumalsamy how his film is faring at the box office and he says, a�?We managed to release it in a few theatres in Chennai and in other districts. We are planning to increase the screens now. The film has been getting a positive response from both the audience and critics.a�? But the director admits the rains have affected the collection to an extent.

    Seeing double
    With freshers in the cast, director Thirupathi has woven a tale of crime and action in Thiruttu Rail. With the tagline a�?A real crime storya��, the film is about the hero and his friends who travel ticketless to Chennai and get entangled in the affairs of the cops. Ask Thirupathi how his film, scheduled to hit theaters today, is different and he says, a�?Usually ita��s the hero and the villain who essay double roles. But, probably for the first time on Tamil screen, ita��s the heroa��s friend who has a dual identity.a�? Seems like an interesting watch.

    Keeping it real
    Her comely looks and wholesome appeal have endeared her to family audiences. Sridivya is now looking forward to the response to her film, Eetti. In the sports-centric film directed by debutant Ravi Arasu and starring Atharvaa, she plays a young girl. a�?I play a college girl from a middle class family. It has a very
    realistic take with no artificiality about it,a�? says the actress, who is busy shooting for Marudhu in Madurai, with Vishal.

    Malini Mannath


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