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    New beginnings
    A passion for films lures people from various backgrounds to tinseltown. Like Ravi Kumar, the owner of a fruit stall in Koyambedu who has now turned producer. a�?Ia��ve invested all my earnings to produce Thiruttu Rail,a�? he says. The film, which released last week, has newcomers in the cast. Wasna��t he aware of the risk? Kumar admits he was, but adds that he took it because of his a�?great passion for Tamil films and an urge to be a part of ita�?. Ita��s this passion that adds to the nearly 200-odd films released in recent years, many produced by debutants.

    A tale of two
    All set to hit theatres today is Dhanusha��s Thangamagan. Paired with the actor are Samantha, who plays his wife, and Amy Jackson. a�?It will be a breezy commercial entertainer with emotion, love and comedy woven in,a�? says director Velraj, adding that Samantha is certain to be noticed for her performance. This being the cinematographer-turned directora��s second teaming with Dhanush, after Velai Illa Pattadhari, the film has raised expectation among the actora��s fans.

    Lucky no 13
    The number a�?13a�� is considered unlucky by many. And if it falls on a Friday, it conjures up an ominous scenario for the superstitious. But director Pugazhmani seems to have a strange fascination for the number. His debut horror flick was titled 13am Pakkam Parka. And now, he has titled his new film Vellikizhamai 13am Thethi. The latest is slated to be a horror-comedy, where the hero, in an attempt to break with superstition, chooses a Friday the 13th for his wedding.

    Malini Mannath


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