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    Three stooges
    Vadivelu may have used the words jil jung juk as gibberish in a film, but the Siddharth-starrera��of the same namea��has its title related to the plot. Ita��s about three hitmen on a mission, their journey chronicled in a humorous way. Debutant director Deeraj Vaidy calls it an a�?action comedya��.
    a�?To me, the film is all about the universe being both ruthless and kind to a bunch of guys,a�? he says. Siddhartha��s second production venture, the film (releasing today) is sans a female lead.

    A tea break
    Today, Vemal and NanditaA�are coming on-screen to regale audiences. Anjala, directed by debutant Thangam Saravanan, is produced by stunt choreographer Dhilip Subbarayan. The filma��s central theme is a tea stall run by a family for generations. With Pasupathi in the cast, it is touted as a full-length comic caper. Hopefully,A�this could prove a game changer for Vemal, whose career is on a shaky wicket.

    Packing a punch
    When apprehended by cops, criminal elements sometimes mention a scene in a film as the inspiration for their acts. So it is heartening to note that films have a positive effect on society, too. Like Irudhi Suttru. Since the filma��s release, female boxing has got a thumbs up and coaches have reported an increase in the number of female trainees in their classes. An elated Madhavan remarks, a�?This is so very awesome and humbling. This is what I really work for as an actor.a�?

    Malini Mannath


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