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    His tone is exciteda��his new release, Kanchana: 2, has got a big thumbs-up from the audience. a�?After the release, I went on a round of thanks-giving to various temples,a�? says Raghava Lawrence. He candidly admits that the film did have its inadequacies and that he will keep them in mind when he directs his next movie. a�?Ia��ve yet to decide whether Ia��ll go for the same genre or a different one,a�? he adds.

    Double impact
    After directing five Kannada films, Ramesh Aravind helms his debut Tamil film, Uttama Villain (releasing today). Set in two time periods, Kamal Haasan (hea��s penned the script, too) plays a dual rolea��one of a Theyyam artist and the other of a modern-day superstar. Aravind says, a�?Ita��s a big spectacle with an extraordinary global talent pool in it, and with high technical values. But as a director what appeals to me is that it is a very heart-warming tale.a�?

    Let the games begin
    Aishwarya Dhanusha��s second directorial venture, Vai Raja Vai, hits theatres today. While her debut 3 was a psychological thriller, this one is a breezy action- entertainer. As the title suggests, it is about gambling and cards. Gautham Karthik, who shares frames with Priya Anand, says, a�?It was a lot of fun working with Aishwarya. I used to tease her a lot on the sets. The actors, including Vivekh, got to do roles theya��ve not done before.a�?

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