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    His tone is excited—his new release, Kanchana: 2, has got a big thumbs-up from the audience. “After the release, I went on a round of thanks-giving to various temples,” says Raghava Lawrence. He candidly admits that the film did have its inadequacies and that he will keep them in mind when he directs his next movie. “I’ve yet to decide whether I’ll go for the same genre or a different one,” he adds.

    Double impact
    After directing five Kannada films, Ramesh Aravind helms his debut Tamil film, Uttama Villain (releasing today). Set in two time periods, Kamal Haasan (he’s penned the script, too) plays a dual role—one of a Theyyam artist and the other of a modern-day superstar. Aravind says, “It’s a big spectacle with an extraordinary global talent pool in it, and with high technical values. But as a director what appeals to me is that it is a very heart-warming tale.”

    Let the games begin
    Aishwarya Dhanush’s second directorial venture, Vai Raja Vai, hits theatres today. While her debut 3 was a psychological thriller, this one is a breezy action- entertainer. As the title suggests, it is about gambling and cards. Gautham Karthik, who shares frames with Priya Anand, says, “It was a lot of fun working with Aishwarya. I used to tease her a lot on the sets. The actors, including Vivekh, got to do roles they’ve not done before.”

    Malini Mannath


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