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    Twice the action
    Sandamaarutham is hitting theatres today. Sarath Kumar, who has penned the story and co-produced the film, is also playing dual characters in it. Oviya and Meera Nandan are the female leads. The film directed by AVenkatesha��his fourth teaming with the heroa��promises to be an exciting action-suspense film.

    Actor Dinesh in Tamilukku En Ondrai Aluthavum Movie StillsDays of change
    His films may not have set the box office on fire, a�?but the media has always been kind to me,a�? Nakul admits candidly. The actor is excited about his new release, Thamizhukku Enn Ondrai Azhuthavum. a�?a�?After Vallinam, Ia��ve got a role that is different and exciting, and Ia��m hoping it will bring a change to my career graph,a�? he says. The romantic thriller, directed by debutant Ramprakash Rayappa has Dinesh, Bindu Madhavi and Aishwarya Dutta in the cast. It is releasing today.

    madras2The story continues
    Shaji Kailas and RKa��s celluloid bonding seems to be an enduring one. The director-hero duo is now in their third consecutive teaming, after Ellam Avan Seiyal and the shortly-to-be-released Enn Vazhi Thani Vazhi. Their new venture, Vaigai Express, has Neetu Chandra essaying a dual role. A crime thriller, it kicks off with a murder in a train followed by an investigation.

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