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    Virtual reality
    Lucia, the first crowd-funded Kannada film that came out in 2013, had received appreciation for its unusual screenplay and narrative style. The plot centered on a man caught between reality and a fictional world of his imagination. Now the film comes to Tamil as Enakkul Oruvan, starring Siddharth as the protagonist. Sharing frames with him are debutante Deepa Sannidhi and Srishti Tange. The film, directed by debutant Prasad Kumar, hits theatres today.

    Across boundaries
    Having directed the likes of Mammootty and Jayaram for theA�Malayalam screen, veteran filmmaker Anil Kumar makes his debut in Tamil with Serndhu Polama. Produced by New Zealand-based Sasi Nambeesan, a major portion of the film has been shot there. Apart from actors Vinay and Madhurima, the cast also includes some local talent. A travel-film with romance, mystery and suspense woven in, this one is a February release.

    Cop attraction
    Yourekaa��s second directorial venture, the controversial Sivapu Enaku Pidikum, revolving around a writer and a prostitute, is still awaiting release despite having been completed long ago. However, his new film, Thoppi, is all set to hit theaters today. Starring Muraliram and Raksha Raj, among others, the plot centres on a youth from a gang of thieves, who aspires to be a cop.


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