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    Veteran guitarist Konarak Reddy will release a special composition tomorrow

    GUITAR legend Konarak Reddy doesna��t do gigs in Bengaluru too often. So that makes his upcoming act at The BFlat Bar quite special. The musician has transcribed Handela��s Presto Suite No 3 in D Minor, originally written for harpsichord (a keyboard instrument), for guitar. His theatre actor wife Kirtana Kumar tells us that hea��s been working on this rare project for a long time. Reddy, renowned for his finger-style guitar exploits, as well as integrating Hindustani and Carnatic styles of improvisation into his work, will also play his other compositions like Manga, Deviant Goddess and Short Circuit at the event.
    For the last few months, he has been working on a 10-track Kannada pop album with singer MD Pallavi. a�?It will be out soon,a�? shares the uber-busy veteran. Then, beginning next Friday, he will make his way to Canada (for the Canadian Guitar Festival 2016), New York City, and California to perform and conduct masterclasses.
    On his return, he will host his annual event, World Guitar Nights, in October. This year, he has invited Don Ross, a Canadian fingerstyle guitarist, Lior Yekutieli, an Israeli classical guitarist and jazz giant, and Germanya��s Ahmed-El Salamouny, who plays Brazilian and bossa nova music on guitar to perform at the festival. The event will also feature a session with these masters, and a face-off between a host of young guitar talents in India.
    Weighing in on the trends in the Indian music scene, he admits that a�?the idea of fusiona�? confuses him. a�?A musician must play honestly, and from his core. This is true for all kinds of music. But I am not worried about its future as the dirt will soon fall of the sides,a�? observes Reddy.
    We asked the 60-year-old guitar virtuoso about his plans for the future, and he turns poetic, a�?Well, I want it to be as gentle as the breeze. You only know ita��s there when a sudden fragrance hits your body and face, you look up and see the trees and sky are dancing, and you feel connected.a�? A lover of nature, he often makes references to it in his works. a�?For me the study of harmony and melody is an ocean of learning, full of surprises and a deep science,a�? he says. In his downtime, he likes to watch horses graze and take in the lovely sunsets, at the couplea��s Infinite Souls Farm and Artists Retreat, which is located at Savandurga.
    July 16. At Indiranagar. 9 pm. Tickets (Rs 400) on bookmyshow.com

    a�� Barkha Kumari


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