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    A yoga boot camp promises improved stamina, edurance and weight loss

    Ita��s not often that you hear of yoga boot camps, but Divya Rolla, a professional dancer and yoga practitioner, believes it is the need of the hour. a�?Many people take up yoga just as a means to lose weight and tone up. But thata��s losing the essense of it,a�? she says, explaining why she has teamed up with Joshna Ramakrishnan, a certified Sivananda and ashtanga teacher, to create an intensive three-month programme. With customised classes, the programme promises to increase stamina and build endurance. a�?We will begin with a 10-day alignment session, where we will address participatsa�� pre-existing aches and pains with personalised asanas, give nutritional guidance, and even go into the nitty-gritties like how they sleep, so that everyone is at their optimum.

    Then we will switch to auto-pilota��rigorous ashtanga practice five days a week,a�? she smiles. Combining pranayama, asanas, cleansing kriyas and strength trainging, Rolla admits one of the positive by-products will be weight loss (a�?but achieved in a holistic and sustained mannera�?). And if the first edition at the Rutland Gate Studio goes well, she promises more boot camps in the future. a�?I find people love everything in condensed versions. They are also better with short-term goalsa��they are more likely to stick it out and get positive reults,a�? she concludes.
    At Rutland Gate Studio, from August 5-November 4. Rs 12,000. Mondays to Fridays, 10.30-11.30 am. Details: 9840427691

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