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    Find yourself a soulmate through this new digital social app

    Men, you can now stop lurking around bars hoping to meet that special someone, and ladies, forget about trolling through your friends’ list to find a match. Simply get on to Woo and let the app do the rest.
    The app helps urban singles find real relationships, and is a product of U2opia mobile. Sumesh Menon, CEO and co-founder, tells us that it facilitates the work and social life balance. “Once people are settled professionally, life falls into a sort of groove between work and home. So just as they start to look for a relationship, the chances of meeting new people become smaller,” he explains, adding that Woo solves that problem by connecting ‘singles with similar interests to form meaningful, long-term relationships’.
    Emphasising that it is not about casual flings and is more focussed on marriage or a long-term relationship, Menon says, “Woo is about real relationships. It’s not for ‘fraandship’ seekers and neither is it an old-fashioned matrimonial website that believes that compatibility is a function of complexion, weight and caste.” Targeting single, urban professionals in the age group of 25-35, Menon says it even helps younger people view this as a more serious platform separate from ‘more frivolous concepts’.
    Saying that Woo ‘keeps it real’ in three ways, Menon describes the meticulous process they use to keep fake profiles out. “We screen each application to make sure it is a curated community seeking meaningful relationships; we allow ‘mutual friends’ to actually make introductions like in real life; and we make sure that distance isn’t an issue by keeping matches within the same city,” he explains.
    If someone takes your fancy, you swipe to like them. If they like you back, the match is made and the rest is up to the two involved, he concludes.
    Details: getwoo.at
    —Aakanksha Devi


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