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From teaspoons to high-end cars, punch in your personal trademark on everything you possess. A look at a few custom-made products available in the city

Revv it up
Love the cars in Rohit Shetty’s latest one – Dilwale? How about owning one, that too customised to your taste? DC Design by Dilip Chhabria is the one stop solution for your craze for everything ‘personlised’. These car modifiers are known for their exclusivity in designing any car – from sedans like Honda City to Volvo Multi Axle bus like the one that superstar Shahrukh Khan owns. All you need to do is take your car and DC will tell you what all your car can have – from mini bars to in-built lounge.
Price starts at Rs 35,00,000 Details: 40247929

Khada Dupatta

Hyderabadi beauty
Get the authentic Khada Dupatta customised according to your choice with your trademark from Fareeha Anjuma��s online store khadadupatta.com. What’s special you ask? The outfits are designed and sketched in Hyderabad and sent over all the way to Bareilly for the intricate mokaish/kamdani on the garment. That’s not all. The kurta and the khada dupatta borders are sent to Lucknow for zardozi embroidery. Finally it comes back to the city where it is custom-tailored in a traditional style. Price Rs 1,10,000 Details: 9885696475

KhManja 2adi strings
You are an animal and bird lover, why compromise for a thread that can harm birds this Sankranti when you fly kites? Get it personalised too by Mansoor Khan in Dabeerpura. He makes the string zero abrasive using khadi paper and C-28 cotton (used to make sarees). Khansaab, as he is famously known as, has been in the business from the time of Nizams. The manja-maker is known for his Bareilly and Tangoos manjas (threads for kites). Give it another level of customisation by getting the manja in your favourite colour that matches your kite. Price Rs 550 onwards per roll. Details: 9700083342

Eat it allEdible Cutlery
If you are an eco-friendly soul, then it is time to make your cutlery speak volumes of your choice of products. Bakeys edible, customised spoons are made of grains which will surely make add a green touch to your dining table andmake your food taste better. The spoons are made from a mixture which comprises rice, wheat and jawar mixed in water. Not surprisingly, the spoons taste sweet and are rich in protein content too. Once the pack is opened, the spoons can be used for 24 months. Price: Rs 4 per piece.Details: 9393762080


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