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    Your Chin launches his fresh, upbeat riffs on Sunday  

    Raxit Tewari, of the solo electronica project Your Chin, launched his third EP in Mumbai last week. And he’ll be in the city on Sunday to perform his new set, titled Peeping Till It’s Noise. Comprising four tracks, namely Fighting The Sumo, Hawk, Shine, and Skit, the EP, says Tewari, started coming together in bits last year, over various listening and playing sessions. “Lyrically, I don’t know if I consciously worked with a theme, but I felt like I was picking out some very personal, ‘two-people-sitting-in-a-cafe’ kind of conversations from the near future while writing this,” he adds.
    Fighting The Sumo has particularly garnered a lot of attention. That’s because Tewari released a rather quirky video on YouTube to go along with this single. It’s made on MS PowerPoint, and Apple Keynote. “My friend Misha Ghose made this video. Towards the middle of last year, she was exploring PowerPoint as a medium to create some basic animated loops, and I had finished writing Fighting the Sumo. The animated aesthetic of those experiments worked well with the track. So, we made up a little story about this robot who’s trying to explore a planet he finds himself in,” shares Tewari, also the frontman of Mumbai-based indie band Sky Rabbit. Videos for other tracks will go live soon.
    The 29-year-old had released his first eponymous single, Your Chin, in 2012, followed by Scatter Nature two years later. And he’s noted a welcome change in his work. He tells us, “This EP probably sounds more immediate, and spontaneous than my earlier works. I guess the more time you spend with music, the more comfortable you get in translating what’s in your head into the final song. With practice, it gets easier to put all of your thoughts down.”
    May 21. Entry Rs 500. At The Humming Tree, Indiranagar. 9 pm. Details: 9886618386
    — Barkha Kumari


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