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    Group dining gets an online makeover

    Planning a family lunch or an office dinner, but cana��t fix on a price and place? TableTime.in is a new platform that helps you get the best restaurant deals and crafts special meals for you. It is an initiative of Media Forge Business Solutions, and Hiren Doshi, its co-founder and CEO, says that it was the daily struggle that co-workers faced about lunches and expense that triggered the website. a�?One of the main concerns is budget. We help you pick the place and choose how much youa��d like to spend,a�? he tells us, adding that they have deals to suit every budgeta��from as low as `180 per person to indulgent fine-dining options that start at Rs. 4,000.

    Deal or no deal
    We love that TableTime meticulously explains how the deal will benefit you and how much youa��ll be saving compared to other websites. Most of the deals are personalised to suit customers, and the trend is fast catching on, with restaurants who usually dona��t offer any fixed price options now jumping on to the bandwagon.

    Foodie haven
    TableTime has 100 restaurants on its growing list, with over 200 crafted deals to offer. All you need to do is check for deals on the site and specify the group size and youa��ll get confirmed reservations. a�?People are welcome to send us suggestions of restaurants, as we plan on getting more options online,a�? says Doshi, adding, a�?Next up are plans to expand to Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. We hope to do this by the end of this year.a�? A mobile app is also on the cards for them. Details: tabletime.in

    -Aakanksha Devi


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