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    New online site, A Tailora��s Tale, introduces us to new designers and promises a bespoke experience

    Fashion has a new address… at least, a new web address. To be launched next week by Chennai-based brothers Ashish (26) and Siddharth Gulecha (25), A Tailora��s Tale is an online fashion portal that promises carefully curated apparel, footwear and bags. Featuring 700 products from 40 designers, expect the likes of Seema Thukral, Karieshma Saarna, Blueprint by Divya and Navya and many more.
    a�?Our curation team goes through their work, stalks them on Facebook and Instagram and decide if they should be on our website or not. Once they are past this stage, we get in touch with them and iron out the details in terms of the collection to showcase, the commercials, the quality of images, etc. We also get requests from designers asking us to represent them for which we follow the same process,a�? says Ashish.

    The beginning
    It all started when the brothers were chatting over coffee one evening in Chennai last November. a�?We were discussing the difficulties I was facing with my other two-year-old brand, London-based Morgan.M, that deals with leather bags. I had been looking for a website that would represent our leather bags but most websites only represented the well established labels and brands. We wanted something classy for trends and fashion a�� more than just a marketplace for products. We realised that there werena��t any such websites in India either which is when the idea for A Tailora��s Tale was born,a�? shares Siddharth.

    Beyond products
    The duo tells us that they dona��t just curate and showcase products; they also help designers set up on their own. a�?We came up with a new service called Evolve by A Tailora��s Tale. We help launch their business by connecting them to manufacturers, photographers, graphic designers, social media experts, auditors, etc. to help them evolve into successful ventures. However, we do not provide financial investment,a�? explains Ashish. The site will also have the option of getting products made to order. Designers can be called home to understand the need of the customer and take measurements for a perfect fit. RsA�2,000 upwards. Details: A�atailorstale.com.

    a�� Saloni Sinha


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