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    Ajit Chitturia��s Thespian En celebrates its anniversary with a play and a monologue by Indian writers

    This seems to be the season of anniversaries. Last week it was Freddy Koikarana��s Stagefright, and now we have Ajit Chitturia��s Thespian En celebrating its 20th anniversary. To mark this occasion, Chitturi is presenting a play and a monologue at Spaces in Besant Nagar, tomorrow. a�?Initially, when we started in 2000, we used to do smaller shows.XL2J3384

    And after a production, we will be literally broke. Now there are around 15 groups in Chennai and there are plays happening every week. Next month, I have four plays, a�? he says.A�The first performance is K S Duggala��s The Upper Storey, a monologue about a middle aged mana��s love for his wife that makes him turn his back on his drunken, womanising days. But now, his wife is having an affair with the army officer who has moved into the neighbourhood. a�?This is a very famous and inspirational monologue and I will be performing it. We were initially doing only Western shows and plays by William Shakespeare. Then we decided to take up Indian writers,a�? says Chitturi.

    Their next play is Omchery N Narayana Pillaia��s God Gets It Wrong Again. Pillai is a Malayalam poet and playwright and he has woven a satirical social farce pegged on a middle class Malayali family.A� The script includes belief in God, astrology, girl child and dowry issues. a�?Sometimes everything that happens in life, we attribute to God and most of the times we blame him when things go wrong. The play talks about that belief,a�? says Chitturi. As for the theatre group, Chitturi says there are 250 actors who have worked with Thespian En, a�?We have people in other theatre groups, soap operas, films,etc, who trained with us and have worked with us. We bring in new actors every year to give them training,a�? he concludes.

    At Spaces, Besant Nagar, tomorrow, from 7.15 onwards. Entry free. Details: 9840127103

    -Mrinalini Sundar


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