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    A new campaign that will make you put on your thinking caps and vote

    With the elections inching closer, and the voices of political activists and news anchors getting louder,A� Tania Singh Khosla decided to take a softer, more refreshing approach to motivating voters. A young, city-based entrepreneur who runs the highly successful design consultancy, tsk Design, Khoslaa��s campaign aims to make citizens think, not tell them what to do. Named, You Vote You Decide, the campaign will feature small, simple questions printed against a thumb impression on large hoardings and billboards, in partnership with property developers like RMZ Corp, Salarpuria Sattva and Vaishnavi Group who own them. Look out for questions like a�?Will India create value?,a�� a�?Will India build trust?,a�� and a�?Can India be the change?,a�� meant to push people to cast their vote and also resonate with the values of the brand on the billboard.

    Green angle
    The idea came to Khosla when she was driving to the airport. Taking in the new, wide, pothole-free roads that have drastically reduced travel time, she realised the difference infrastructure can make to the common man. a�?Having the right party in power is paramount to moving forward,a�? she tells us, and adds that the thought-provoking messages will be displayed on 90 billboards in the city, with a major chunk of them on the airport expressway. The environmentally conscious, Khosla plans to transform the plastic sheets from the hoardings into cool, attractive tote bags later. a�?I know a few NGOs I can approach to recycle these sheets. But if people read this article and would like to come forward to help out, that would be great too,a�? says the Yale graduate who enlisted the help of her children to spread word about her campaign on social media sites.

    With clients like The Park Hotel, The Taj Group, Biocon and MTV and having been featured in top international design magazines like Wallpaper, UK; Creative Review, UK; Eye Magazine, UK; How, USA and Interiors, USA; Khosla stresses on the impact design can have. a�?Design has the power to impact change. As designers, we can be authors of what we want to convey. We deliver on the brief we are given but we should also use our talents to create responsible designs,a�? she concludes.

    Details: facebook.com/YouVoteYouDecide

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