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    Two videos that will change the way you think and one that will leave you in splits

    Short and sweet
    Subtle and striking, this advert starts with a boy who looks like hea��s up to no good in the alleys. He then goes up to a small apartment to where a lady is taking care of a child and another is in a bedroom. The girl appears to be unwell and on a ventilator, and the boy gives her flowers and opens the curtains to reveal he spend the night in the alley spray painting a�?Be Bravea�� on the walls with a beautiful floral design. A motivating ad from Pfizer Canada, a pharmaceutical company.

    Altered ends
    If youa��re a fan of Game of Thrones and are lagging behind then this is a spoiler. YouTube user, Ozzy ManA� man sends in a video, Oberyn vs Mountain (The Denial Version), to HBO suggesting tweaks to episode 8, The Mountain and the Viper. In a hilarious rework of the episode that saw Prince Oberyn brutally killed, he advises the use of Hans Zimmer score, an altered end to let Oberyn live and a practical plot based on the fight. Watch even if youa��re not a fan.

    A doga��s life
    Using Boman Irania��s impressive voice over, you are introduced to a dog guidea��s day in DOG : A film for a cause. A major part of this film, by Scarecrow Communication, is about the pooch grumbling about his day. It ends with the little fellow forgetting about his daily woes and bounding back to his blind owner to lead him. Wea��ll hold back from revealing the twist in this beautiful story, but make sure to watch to the very end.

    a��Aakanksha Devi


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