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    ITa��s not usual to have an internationally acclaimed, top DJ visit India and then have the artist Tweet that it was one of his best gigs ever. Thata��s exactly what happened at the Tommy Trash gig that Indigo live presented last weekend. While we know that the live music industry is quite new and disorganised in India, there are few players in the market who are learning quickly and making quite a fantastic impression at home and internationally.

    Anyone in the event space would know that any international artist management considers India as a new and upcoming A�market, but also a market that is highly unpredictable and unknown. And considering that environment, a Tweet from one of the top DJs in the international circuit is certainly a brownie point for us.

    There have been times when artistes have been booked and then cancelled due to visa issues, which is one of the most unfortunate reasons. But there are actually ways to beat that. Then you have organisers not being able to get sponsors and then end up cancelling gigs and the most frequent ones are when artistesa�� technical requirements are not met. All of this actually result in bitter relationships between managements and organisers, but more importantly, it showcases the unpreparedness of the organisers, which result in a negative live music culture in the country.

    But ita��s not all that bad. Serious players will continue to sustain in spite of the less sponsor interest and players with short term goals will vanish very quickly and this very dynamic of the industry will ensure that the event space grows and matures significantly in the next decade or two. Every industry goes through this and it will be mirrored in the event space as well. It is only a matter of time when events wona��t be sponsorship led, but primarily ticket-sales led. Let the love for music live on!

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    Trigam Mukherjee is a radio expert, music enthusiast and communications specialist with Radio Indigo


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