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    Women of all ages retrospect, LGBTs have something to prove and Chinese music starts a new trend

    Girl power
    Not really a new post but still trending, #LikeAGirl by Always hopes to change the way young girls think about themselves. Showing how a girl is conditioned to believe that a�?like a girla�� is an insult, and how a little girl who is innocent thinks it is a something powerful, the clip is great to boost the morale of women both young and old. We love that they send out the strong message, in a simple, real format, of girls being powerful if they just behave naturally.

    Walk of shame
    This Walk In New York spinoff, by Dennis Cee, sees him dress up in what is considered stereotypically a�?gaya�� clothes a�� skinny jeans, v-neck tee and shopping bag in tow. In only three hours, he gets nasty comments, rude jibes and shoves from those who dona��t regard the LGBTs as equal and natural. Model Pranksters tried the same using a tall, attractive man and he doesna��t get any negative comments. A shocking revelation and a tragic social commentary.

    Farmyard tunes
    What Gangnam Style was in 2012, Chick Chick is in 2014. In only a month, the song by Chinese artiste Wang Rong Rollin has a staggering 7 million hits on YouTube. A Mandarin tune and farm noises like cacophonic clucking, neighing and baaing, the tune is not a patch on Psy, we think. The video is possibly more absurd than the song itself and we apologise in advance if the song gets stuck in your head!

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