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    The Indulge writing experience has made me look at the medium from a different perspective. Great shows, forgettable programming, excellent marketing initiatives, fresh voices, awesome hosts and not air-worthy content have all featured in this space. On the eighth anniversary, here is what some of the well-known voices of radio have to say about this space.
    Balaji, Big FM

    As an RJ, there is always a feeling of inequality with regards to the kind of newspaper coverage radio gets when compared to other mediums. This column is more than a ray of hope. In fact, ita��s like a mirror for all of us in the industry. It reflects everything you need to know about the medium. Ita��s become a habit for me to wake up on a Friday and read this column first.

    Aarti, Suryan FM

    This is the only column in print that highlights radio and its professionals, showcasing the challenges and excitement of being a part of this powerful medium. It is also an insight for people in the profession to learn and be informed. The very fact that week after week for the last eight years something interesting and informative about radio has been conveyed in a simple and effective manner is a huge achievement.

    Sanobar, Fever FM

    The radio world awaits this space, especially in the absence of RAM ratings in the city. Ita��s important that programmes and presenters get reviewed on a regular basis. To quote an example, a programming head once arrived at 7 am to quickly hide the newspaper from colleagues when Niladri had critiqued the quality of on-air programming. Ita��s heartening to see some space in print allocated to talk about the magic of radio.

    Suresh, Hello FM

    Over the last eight years this column has been a guiding lighta��directing and helping not only radio professionals like me, but the whole medium as such. Every week it discusses many facets of the mediuma��be it popular shows, new innovations or the future of radio. These articles put together will be an extraordinary handbook for all.

    Tausif, Fever FM

    Ita��s the first thing I read every Friday morning as ita��s the only column focussed purely on radio in our citya��s newspapers.
    Ia��ve personally seen shows dropped or continued, based on views aired here. There are insights into radio, expertly laced with humour. You can be assured of straight talk. The dos & dona��ts expressed have definitely had an impact on our learning.

    A�Devasena, Radio Mirchi

    This column is the only one that comes to mind when I think of a ready reckoner for radio. Ita��s the weekly dose of radio updates one wouldna��t want to miss out on. Ita��s always interesting to read about new initiatives and experiments in programming and a very good
    way to understand how different radio units operate.

    A�Disha, RedFM

    An entertaining tongue-in-cheek column on what I call the magic medium keeps radio enthusiasts hooked. With years of experience backing the writer, ita��s your hawka��s eye-view to the citya��s radio scape. This column is about insightful play of words and should be stalked. If only there could also be a way of hearing it.





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